The Road Awaits Us

Choreographed by Annie B Parson.
Elixir Festival.
Sadler's Wells Theatre.
June 2017.

'The Road Awaits Us' was a dance-theatre piece choreographed by Annie B Parson (Big Dance Theater), premiered as part of Elixir Festival at Sadler's Wells Theatre. Loosely based on Ionesco's classic absurdist play 'The Bald Soprano', it takes an existential approach to looking at life in its later years.

This dance-theatre piece, choreographed by Annie B Parson, was a great opportunity to use sound to increase the sense of absurdity of Ionesco’s The Bald Soprano. We used a combination of sourced music (from a Karaoke cover of Queen to the sleazy funk of Jimmy Edgar), and sound effects which heightened the sense of the banal and the absurd.