by Bruce Norris.
Embassy Theatre, Central School of Speech & Drama.
June 2015.
Director: Holly Race Roughan
Set Designer: Rosemary Maltezos
Costume Designer: Meera Shakti Osborne
Lighting Designer: Alexander Ramsden
Photo: Zak Macro

"'For at an early age he recognised the simple fact that whosoever has two apples is universally happier than he that has one.'

The time is 1776 and America is on the brink of independence, when our young entrepreneur Jim Trumpett abandons a life of scarcity to pursue profit, whatever the human cost. With laundered money under his hat, a pistol by his side, and crumpled pages of the first modern economics book lining his pockets, Jim gallops off into the free market to seek his fortune. Four centuries later Margaret Thatcher was to keep in her handbag that very same book... Central’s final year actors present The Low Road, an epic comic drama that puts modern capitalism on trial."