📝The Wardrobe Ensemble.
📍Tobacco Factory Theatre, Bristol.
🗓July 2018.
Director: Tom Brennan
Designer: Anna Orton
Lighting Designer: Matt Graham
Composer: Tom Crosley-Thorne

“Mae is on a mission. With a shotgun in one hand, a packet of pickled onion Monster Munch in the other, and an expired 16-25 railcard in her back pocket, she picks her way through her past in search of answers. En route she meets Anne Gough, a maverick drifter, and together they wend their way through wind and rain to reach the final frontier of the South West: The Wayfarer’s Arms.

Notorious villains, uneasy alliances, epic showdowns and an epic cinematic score, The Wardrobe Ensemble present the world premiere of this epic tale of blood, guts and cider: a spaghetti western with Cornish pasties.”

For this piece of devised work, I collaborated closely with the Ensemble and composer Tom Crosley-Thorne. Along with Tom’s Ennio Morricone-inspired score, I was able to help build the cinematic quality of the story, which played with and deconstructed cinematic tropes.