So Many Reasons

📝Racheal Ofori.
📍Camden People’s Theatre & UK Tour.
🗓January 2018.
Director: Zoe Lafferty
Set Designer: Tanya Stephenson
Lighting Designer: Tanya Stephenson
Producer: Fuel Theatre

"My Mum said to me
‘if you ever have children, don’t have girls.
They give you too much of a headache.’

So Many Reasons is a story about the unique influence our mothers have on how we understand the world, from the perspective of a first generation British Ghanaian woman. Exploring cultural and generational shifts, religion and sexuality, this bold new show asks what happens when we realise mums don’t always know best."

For this one-woman show written and performed by Racheal Ofori, I worked with Racheal and director Zoe Lafferty to build a sense of the world surrounding Melissa, the protagonist, and emphasise the pressures of religion, sexuality and social media being placed onto Melissa.