Isaac Came Home From The Mountain 

📝Phil Ormrod.
📍Theatre 503.
🗓May 2018.

Director: Carla Kingham
Set Designer: Eleanor Bull
Lighting Designer: Ali Hunter
Photo: Helen Murray

"Bobby’s out of school and out of work. There’s nothing going and nowhere to go. A job with Mike seems like everything he needs. A steady wage. A bit of self-respect. A chance to make good. If only it were that easy. Driven by a dogged determination to prove his worth, Bobby makes a devastating mistake and risks throwing away his new life before it’s begun."

For this piece of new writing, I used a combination of naturalistic sound effects, which helped to build a sense of Bobby’s surroundings, and wrote music which gave the audience an insight into Bobby’s inner emotional state, as we see him fail to ever communicate succesfully with the world around him.