I’ll Take You To Mrs Cole!

📝Devised by the Company.
📚Based on the book by Nigel Gray & Michael Foreman.
📍Pleasance Beyond, Edinburgh.
🗓August 2019.

Director: Catherine Alexander
et Designer: Jemima Robinson
Lighting Designer: Jai Morjaria
Video Designer: Hayley Egan
Animation: Amber Cooper-Davies
Sound Placement: Simon Scott
Photo: Ali Wright

“The energy of a gig with powerful storytelling and exquisite animation.

It’s 1981 and ska music pulses. Young Ashley creates havoc by getting lost in a wild, imaginative world while Mum longs to return home to Barbados. When Jedi battles and forest adventures go too far, will Mum resort to the scariest threat of all? Accompanied by an original soundtrack, this is a funny, anarchic show for children and a nostalgic trip for adults.

A story of cultural differences, fear of the unknown and the power of a child’s imagination.”

For this show, I worked with Catherine Alexander (Director) and the company to devise this adaptation of Nigel Gray and Michael Foreman’s children’s book. Using the musical influences of The Specials, Ian Dury, The Beat and more as a starting point, I would create instrumental tracks to which Catherine and the company would write lyrics to, and these songs came to form large parts of the structure of the piece. Sound becomes a window into which we can experience the imagination of Ashley, the child in the story, and music enables the audience to understand character and the wider sociopolitical themes surrounding the story.

“The piece is filled with a few excellent rocksteady and reggae-infused songs – a refreshing alternative to any sickly sweet kids tunes you might be used to”
Daisie Bowie-Sell, WhatsOnStage