Death Of England: Trilogy

🔊Co-Sound Design with Pete Malkin.
📝Written by Roy Williams & Clint Dyer.
📍Soho Place / National Theatre (Dorfman, Olivier, Dorfman)
🗓February 2020 - September 2024.

Director: Clint Dyer
Set & Costume Designers: ULTZ & Sadeysa Greenway-Bailey
Lighting Designer: Jackie Shemesh

Photo: Helen Murray

A trilogy of shows between February 2020 - September 2023 at the National Theatre, performed across the Dorfman and Olivier stages. Transferring to Soho Place in Summer 2024. Death of England: Face to Face is the film accompaniment to the stage trilogy.

“... you have to hand it to the creative team — not least the hardworking sound designers Pete Malkin and Benjamin Grant — for carrying a full-on assault of this sort straight across the finish line, to co-opt the language of sports deployed by the play.”
  Matt Wolf, New York Times (Death of England)

“Sound designers Pete Malkin and Benjamin Grant make remarkable use of amplified ambient noise and snatches of melody throughout, filling the auditorium with scraps of electronic music and strains of elegiac piano. Cacophonic, jarringly overlapping renditions of Rule, Britannia! dissolve into the banging of a judge’s gavel, the screech of a cell door locking or the blip of an electronic tag, all raised to deafening volume. These brutalising barrages of sound serve to underscore the disproportionate force that a systemically racist state can bring to bear upon its citizens.”
Dave Fargnoli, The Stage (Death of England: Delroy)