Best Served Cold

📝 Cordelia Lynn.
📍The Locker, Vaults Festival Waterloo.
🗓February 2016.
Director: Holly Race Roughan
Set Designer: Georgia De Grey
Lighting Designer: Clancy Flynn
Video Designer: Ash Woodward

“You do not have the monopoly on anger just because you are a woman, believe me you are not the only ones who are really very angry.”

Best Served Cold is a play about loneliness, anger and masculinity in the 21st century. An Angry Young Man hurtles backwards through time, seeking to understand what led him to a place where all the doors are closed."

I created a musical underscore for this piece of new writing, which helped to tie threads of melancholy, memory and anger throughout. As this show was a one-man show, sound was also able to play a large role in denoting other characters, and helping the audience navigate through the memory of the protagonist in an impressionistic way.