10,000 Smarties

📝 Josh Azouz.
📍Old Fire Station, Oxford.
🗓July 2016.

Director: Alice Malin
Designer: Bethany Wells
Lighting Designer: Christopher Nairne
Photo: Josh Tomalin

"Tell me your age tell me your age tell me your age.
I can’t. We don’t know who’s in."

It’s Enayat’s 17th birthday. Sally’s sung him a song, and got him a cake. But there’s too many candles. 18 of them. And Enayat never wants to be 18. Because when he turns 18, he might just disappear.

For this piece of new writing exploring the harsh impacts of the current UK immigration system, sound played a large part in expressing the constant pressure and surveillance in the story. Through a combination of onstage foley, sourced music and non-naturalistic soundscapes, we were able to heighten the stakes of this story even further for the audience.