benjamin grant
sound designer


I am a sound designer who enjoys working in collaborative and devised processes. I have a background in electronic composition, and experience in designing for physical theatre, dance and installations. I have extensive experience in working in a collaborative way with directors and companies to create work, through the use of foley techniques, music and sound effects.

I also write music for commercial/library use- listen here.

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Sound Designer, Where Do We Go Next? (Caitriona Shoobridge)
Co-Sound Designer (w/ Pete Malkin), Death of England (Clint Dyer)

Sound Designer, Little Miss Burden (Debbie Hannan)
Sound Designer, Clybourne Park (Lindsay Posner)
Composer & Sound Designer, Maggot Moon (Jesse Jones)
Sound Designer, I’ll Take You To Mrs Cole (Catherine Alexander / Complicité)
Sound Designer, The Last of The Pelican Daughters (The Wardrobe Ensemble / Complicité)
Associate Sound Designer (w/ Tom Gibbons), Pah-La (Debbie Hannan)
Sound Designer, Box Clever (Stef O’Driscoll)
Sound Designer, Killymuck (Caitriona Shoobridge)
Sound Designer, My Brother’s Keeper? (Craig Gilbert)
Sound Designer, War Of The Worlds (Rhum & Clay)

Sound Designer, Treasure & Tat (Joel O'Donohughe Company)
Sound Designer, Southwestern (The Wardrobe Ensemble)
Associate Sound Designer (w/ Helen Skiera), I'm Afraid of Amerikans (Sue Dunderdale)
Sound Designer, Isaac Came Home From the Mountain (Carla Kingham)
Sound Designer, When the Rain Stops Falling (Eric Loren)
Sound Designer, So Many Reasons (Fuel Theatre)
Sound Designer, Of Mice and Men (Selladoor)

Sound Designer, Wind in The Willows (The Wardrobe Ensemble)
Associate Sound Designer (w/ Gareth Fry), Wings (Natalie Abrahami)
Sound Designer, Education Education Education (The Wardrobe Ensemble)
Sound Designer, The Road Awaits Us (Annie B Parson)
Sound Designer, Prurience (Christopher Green & Holly Race Roughan)
Sound Designer, ENO Opera Works (Martin Constantine)
Associate Sound Designer (w/ Pete Malkin), The Kid Stays In The Picture (Complicite)
Sound Designer, The Visitor (Trikhon Theatre)

Sound Operator, The Encounter (Complicite)
Sound Designer, Seen And Not Heard (Complicite)
Sound Designer, Measure of Fidget (Joel O'Donohughe Company)
Sound Designer, 10,000 Smarties (Alice Malin)
Sound Designer, Digs (Theatre With Legs)
Associate Sound Designer (w/ Nick Powell), The Tempest (William Gallinsky)
Associate Sound Designer (w/ Gareth Fry), BOY (Sacha Wares)
Sound Designer, In Tents and Purposes (Viscera Theatre)
Sound Designer, Best Served Cold (Holly Race Roughan)

Associate Sound Designer (w/ Pete Malkin), Beware of Pity (Complicite)
Sound Designer, Unmasked, (Acheulian Theatre)
Associate Sound Designer, Run - Edinburgh 2015 Tour (Engineer Theatre)
Sound Designer, The Low Road (Holly Race Roughan)
Assistant Sound Designer (w/ Gareth Fry), The Hudsucker Proxy (Toby Sedgwick & Simon Dormandy)
Composer & Sound Designer, Push (Catherine Alexander & Grainne Byrne)
Sound Designer, Most Certainly Well Worth Knowing (Jayne Port)

Sound Designer, Lady Windermere's Fan (Tim Hardy)
Composer & Sound Designer, A Dream From A Bombshell (Anna Nguyen)
Sound Designer, Talking In Bed, (Rosemary Maltezos)
Composer & Sound Designer, Too Far Right, (Tyrone Purling)
Sound Designer, The Good Person of Setzuan, (Nancy Meckler)
Production Sound, Festen, (Catherine Alexander & Jemima James)

Production Sound, Easy Virtue, (Auriol Smith)
Sound Designer, Hamlet, (Kelly Hunter)
Sound Designer, PACE for Accidental Festival, Camden Roundhouse, (Meera Osborne)
Composer, Sound Designer & Engineer, Metamorphosis, Merchant's Hall, Resuscitate Theatre, (Anna Marshall)

2015 Composer, PUMA X BAPE AW15 Promo Adverts

2019 Composer & Sound Designer, Warmer (Rosemary Maltezos)

2014-2016 Radio Presenter, Sonic Diversions, Roundhouse Radio
2013 Radio Producer, 'Traders', Roundhouse Radio, (Tara O'Malley)

Education: The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, London
BA Hons Theatre Practice: Theatre Sound (Grad. 2015)


🔊Co-Sound Design with Pete Malkin.
📝Written by Roy Williams & Clint Dyer.
📍Dorfman Theatre, National Theatre.
🗓February - March 2020.

Director: Clint Dyer
Set & Costume Designers: ULTZ & Sadeysa Greenway-Bailey
Lighting Designer: Jackie Shemesh

Photo: Helen Murray

“A family in mourning. A man in crisis.

After the death of his dad, Michael is powerless and angry.

In a state of heartbreak, he confronts the difficult truths about his father’s legacy and the country that shaped him.

At the funeral, unannounced and unprepared, Michael decides it is time to speak.

Rafe Spall (Hedda Gabler, Black Mirror) performs this fearless one-person play which asks explosive and enduring questions about identity, race and class in Britain.“

“... you have to hand it to the creative team — not least the hardworking sound designers Pete Malkin and Benjamin Grant — for carrying a full-on assault of this sort straight across the finish line, to co-opt the language of sports deployed by the play.”
  Matt Wolf, New York Times


📝 Jemma Kennedy.
📍Unicorn Theatre, London Bridge.
🗓September 2019.
Director: Jesse Jones
Set & Costume Designer: Lucy Sierra
Lighting Designer: Sam Waddington
Video Designer: Akhila Krishnan

“In a sinister 1950s Britain, dark government forces are at work and spies and surveillance are everywhere. Standish tells us his story as he begins to unravel the dark secrets of the violent and oppressive Motherland and form a plan to try save his best friend and uncover the truth, no matter what.

I keep wondering what if.
What if the football hadn’t gone over the wall?
What if Hector had never gone looking for it?
What if he hadn’t kept the dark discovery to himself?
Then I suppose I would be telling another story. The ‘what ifs’ are as boundless as the stars.”

“Jesse Jones’ nimble, beautifully performed production makes terrific use of sound (by Benjamin Grant) and hand drawn projections (Akhila Krishnan) not just for theatrical effect but to constantly remind us of the power of the imagination. It also reminds that there are different ways of seeing and experiencing the world and different kinds of cleverness.”
Lyn Gardner, Stagedoor


📝Devised by the Company.
📚Based on the book by Nigel Gray & Michael Foreman.
📍Pleasance Beyond, Edinburgh.
🗓August 2019.

Director: Catherine Alexander
et Designer: Jemima Robinson
Lighting Designer: Jai Morjaria
Video Designer: Hayley Egan
Animation: Amber Cooper-Davies
Sound Placement: Simon Scott
Photo: Ali Wright

“The energy of a gig with powerful storytelling and exquisite animation.

It’s 1981 and ska music pulses. Young Ashley creates havoc by getting lost in a wild, imaginative world while Mum longs to return home to Barbados. When Jedi battles and forest adventures go too far, will Mum resort to the scariest threat of all? Accompanied by an original soundtrack, this is a funny, anarchic show for children and a nostalgic trip for adults.

A story of cultural differences, fear of the unknown and the power of a child’s imagination.”

For this show, I worked with Catherine Alexander (Director) and the company to devise this adaptation of Nigel Gray and Michael Foreman’s children’s book. Using the musical influences of The Specials, Ian Dury, The Beat and more as a starting point, I would create instrumental tracks to which Catherine and the company would write lyrics to, and these songs came to form large parts of the structure of the piece. Sound becomes a window into which we can experience the imagination of Ashley, the child in the story, and music enables the audience to understand character and the wider sociopolitical themes surrounding the story.

“The piece is filled with a few excellent rocksteady and reggae-infused songs – a refreshing alternative to any sickly sweet kids tunes you might be used to”
Daisie Bowie-Sell, WhatsOnStage


📝 The Wardrobe Ensemble.
📍Pleasance Beyond, Edinburgh.
🗓August 2019.
Directors: Tom Brennan & Jesse Jones
Associate Sound Designer: Joe Dines
Set & Costume Designer: Ruby Spencer Pugh
Lighting Designer: Jessica Hung Han Yun
Dramaturg: Bea Roberts

“In folklore, pelican mothers feed their young on their own blood. In 2019, four sisters are trying to divide their mother’s house between them.

Joy wants a baby, Storm wants to be seen, Sage wants to be paid, Maia doesn’t want anyone to find out her secret and Granny’s in a wheelchair on day release. Mum’s presence still seeps through the ceiling and the floors. The Pelican Daughters are home for the last time.

The Wardrobe Ensemble use their trademark irreverent humour and lovable characters to tackle the idea of what it means for young people to grapple with inheritance, loss and justice in this comedy about four sisters trying to come to terms with their mother’s death.”

For this show I worked with the Ensemble to devise sound alongside the creation of the piece. Using the family drama genre as a starting point, alongside the stylistic elements of Wes Anderson movies, we were able to use sound to work alongside the Set and Lighting designs for the play to enhance this heightened style.